Volunteers, just like you, are the backbone of our operation.

Volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is fun, easy and rewarding. You will learn new skills and help build a home alongside local families. You can also volunteer in our Restore and at special events. When you volunteer with Habitat for Humanity you make a lasting impact on the life a family. 

We gratefully accept volunteers of all skill levels and backgrounds. If you’ve never lifted a hammer, we will teach you! If you’re a seasoned tradesman, come on out! We provide all necessary safety equipment and tools. 

As a volunteer, you must:

  • Be at least 16 years of age,
  • Willing to learn new skills
  • Follow instructions given by the site supervisor,
  • Speak English at a conversational level, and
  • Be physically fit (adequate vision, mobility, able to lift and carry 15 pounds/7 kilograms).

We offer volunteer shifts Monday to Saturday throughout the year. Register as a volunteer to see when and where we are building, OR, follow the group link to find out how your company, school or club can get involved. 

Read our Waiver and Release Form

Stacey White


Why volunteer with Habitat for Humanity? I have volunteered with many different organizations over the years in many different roles but Habitat for Humanity does have a special place in my philanthropic heart. As someone that has very little experience on a job site it is very rewarding to learn new skills, get a chance to run power equipment, swing a hammer, and help to raise a wall in a new home. To see a new build and to know you were even a small part of it is very rewarding. I find inspiration in learning about the families who we are building for. Their heartwarming stories, their level of participation, and impressive commitment of time and energy is impressive. Makes you want to work harder. With Habitat you can be as involved as you choose as they also offer volunteer opportunities in fundraising and event planning but the key is you can feel that you are making a difference. It is time well spent and I will continue to volunteer with Habitat as long as they continue to have a place for me.

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