Home Repair Program


The Saskatchewan Home Repair Program - Adaptation for Independence provides financial assistance to low-income homeowners or rental property owners to make a home more accessible for a person with a housing related disability. For more information on this program, eligibility requirements and application process CLICK HERE.

Mandie & Marshall


Before moving into our Habitat home we were living in a subsidized rental duplex. It was a decent place to live but it was small and in need of a lot repairs. The layout was hard for Marshall to get around which made it difficult for him to be a parent. Marshall started having surgeries in 2006. Marshall was working at the time but frequently had to take time off work due to surgeries or illness. When we found out about the Habitat for Humanity program at our child’s school we were determined to get into the program. We attended the information night, filled out our application right away and waited. When the letter came in the mail telling us we had been accepted we were so excited. As part of the purchase of our home we did 500 hours. Our family helped with lots of the hours since Marshall was unable to volunteer. I did lots of speaking engagements and gained the confidence to get my driver’s license. Being a part of the program has taught me that I can do things I never thought I could do. When we moved into our home it was a big step for us to get our lives back. It was tough for Marshall to not be able to do anything with the kids in the rental house. Our home was built to suit Marshall’s mobility needs. He was able to take our kids to school, play Lego with the boys and take care of himself because of the way the house was built. Our kids were so happy they could do more things with their dad which improved our family life. Owning our own home has lifted a lot of stress off our shoulders. We are able put our boys in dance and karate. We can focus on looking after Marshall’s health and being a family instead of worrying about money.

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